Thursday, February 21, 2008

Georgia Chamber Applauds Progress on Transportation Funding

State lawmakers on Wednesday took a major step toward bridging a multibillion-dollar gap in transportation funding that threatens Georgia’s economy and quality of life.

The funding crisis is largely the product of Georgia’s phenomenal growth over the past few years; the amount of money available to build and maintain transportation infrastructure simply has not kept up. Hundreds of projects have been delayed or cancelled, and road congestion has reached record levels.

As a member of Get Georgia Moving -- a broad coalition of more than 50 groups -- the Georgia Chamber of Commerce is working closely with lawmakers to address the shortfall this year.
Legislation that would give voters the power to approve new funding for local transportation projects is now moving through both chambers. On Wednesday, the full Senate overwhelmingly approved SR 845, and a key House committee is scheduled to consider HR 1226 later in the day.
George Israel, President and CEO of the Georgia Chamber, praised lawmakers for their work.
“I believe we will look back on this day, this week, as an historic moment,” Israel said. “We are finally moving to address our transportation infrastructure needs and plan for our future transportation needs across the state.”

The Georgia Chamber is the grassroots voice of business, vigorously representing its diverse membership in the public policy arena. As it constantly works to protect Georgia’s enviable pro-business environment, the Georgia Chamber remains mindful of its mission to keep the state economically prosperous, educationally competitive and environmentally responsible.
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