Thursday, December 11, 2008

Electrostatic Spraying Systems Wins EMS EXPO 2008 Top Innovation Award

/PRNewswire/ -- Too many people are getting sick, and even dying, from infections and diseases that they are acquiring in places that should be ambulances, hospitals, schools, restaurants, hotels, athletic facilities, and other public area. The old traditional ways of spraying disinfectants are just not effective any more.

"It's not just what you spray," says Bruce Whiting, owner and President of ESS, "It's how you spray the disinfectants that matters."

Electrostatic Spraying Systems, Inc. (ESS), the world leader in electrostatic spraying technology, recently won the EMS EXPO 2008 Top Innovation Award for its breakthrough electrostatic disinfecting sprayer, the SC-1.

Bruce Whiting said, "We are very proud to receive this honor on behalf of the entire ESS design and production teams. We have a mission to get our sprayers into the hands of the emergency, healthcare and other personnel who are so often exposed to dangerous infectious organisms. By using an SC-1 sprayer, with an effective disinfectant, EMS personnel and the public will be better protected from bacteria, MRSA, Staph and microorganisms - which are causing so many sicknesses and infections. Better spraying of disinfectants will save lives."

Scott Cravens, publisher of EMS Magazine says, "The EMS EXPO 2008 Top Innovation Awards are designed to recognize innovations in products and services for the pre-hospital market." The Top Innovation Awards were chosen from exhibitors at the 2008 EMS EXPO in Las Vegas, and presented at the Texas EMS State Conference in Fort Worth, TX, in November. EMS Magazine will feature the Top 20 Innovation Awards in their January issue.

The ESS SC-1 sprayer is a compact, stand-alone, electrostatic sprayer that allows the user the ability to spray disinfectants in such a way that the chemicals reach around objects and into cracks and crevasses to better control dangerous microorganisms such as MRSA (Multi-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus). The SC-1 sprayer applies a very thin even coating that covers the target and dries quickly.

Built into a poly-resin Pelican case, the SC-1 has wheels and a retractable pull handle. Its small size makes it easy to carry and yet still has the advantage of being a full-powered electrostatic sprayer. ESS manufactures electrostatic sprayers for the agricultural, post-harvest, food processing, disinfection, mold prevention, pest control and restoration markets. More information about ESS sprayers can be found at and

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