Tuesday, November 9, 2010

US Airways to Add 500 Crew Members in 2011

(BUSINESS WIRE)--US Airways (NYSE:LCC) today announced that it will need 500 crew members next year primarily in anticipation of planned retirements and attrition, which will be filled by recalling employees currently on furlough, as well as through hiring new crew members. The majority of these returning and new pilots and flight attendants will be flying by July.

“This is great news for our workforce and the communities we serve,” said US Airways President, Scott Kirby. “We look forward to welcoming our colleagues back to US Airways, and bringing new crew members onto the team.”

“Our crew member hiring needs are being driven primarily by planned retirements and attrition, as well as international growth. Today’s announcement is consistent with our previously announced plan to keep our domestic capacity flat in 2011 while growing international capacity by 8 percent.”

The 2011 crew member plan includes filling 420 flight attendant positions and 80 pilot positions. The Company will first offer these positions to employees currently on furlough status, and once this process is complete will begin hiring new employees. After the recall, US Airways will have no flight attendants on furlough, and may have up to 100 pilots remaining on furlough. When the recall and new hire process is complete, the airline will have approximately 4,970 active pilots and 7,300 active flight attendants.

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