Thursday, January 6, 2011

Georgia Distilling to Begin Operations in Jones County

The Development Authority of Jones County is pleased to announce that Georgia Distilling Company will begin operations in Haddock in early spring 2011. Georgia Distilling plans to locate at the former Cherokee Products plant in Haddock, which closed 15 years ago and has been vacant ever since. Georgia Distilling plans to produce moonshine, vodka and gin immediately with plans for expansion into other product lines in the future. They also plan to offer tours of the facility to the public. Georgia Distilling will begin operation in early spring 2011 with approximately 10 employees with the anticipation of hiring additional employees as the company expands. Co-owners and entrepreneurs, Shawn Hall and Bill Mauldin, stated that the distillery could realistically be employing 50+ employees within five years.

The former Cherokee Products facility in Haddock served as a cannery, canning fruits and vegetables under the O’Sage brand of products. When the facility was bought by a competitor, it was closed and hundreds lost their jobs. The town of Haddock has been in economic decline and the prospect of new industry is promising to this small town located off Hwy 22 between Gray and Milledgeville.

“Haddock is perfect for our business, with its location near several key metropolitan areas, but also offers the quaintness of a small town as well as plenty of room for expansion,” stated Shawn Hall and Bill Mauldin, co-owners of Georgia Distilling Company. “The leadership in Jones County has also embraced the vision for our business and sees the bigger picture, including the impact our type of business will have on taxes and the tourism benefit to the County.”

“I’m very pleased about this announcement by the Georgia Distilling Company and the Development Authority. It’s a unique and creative project that seems to fit so well with an existing facility in our community. And it will have an impact in so many areas of our local economy… new jobs, an investment in facility and equipment, tourism, and a local excise tax on their products. I’m very excited for Georgia Distilling Company. I’m been very impressed by their business model and the plans they have. I’m excited about having their creative energy here in our community,” stated Greg Mullis, Chairman of the Development Authority of Jones County.

“This is a unique business venture in a unique community and we look forward to partnering with Jones County to make something we are all proud of,” stated Bill Mauldin of Georgia Distilling.

The distillery is the second company in as many months to announce they are locating in Jones County.

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