Saturday, April 26, 2008

SMC³ Summer Conference to Explore the New Supply Chain

Attendees at the SMC³ 2008 Summer Conference will investigate the latest trends and developments emerging in the domestic and global supply chain. The education-and-networking packed conference is scheduled to take place June 25-27 at the Seaport Hotel in Boston, Mass.

The conference, themed “The New Supply Chain: Global Trends, Technology and Infrastructure,” will highlight green technology, infrastructure developments, political implications and more of today’s most pressing topics. Specialized conference sessions and subject matter experts have been chosen to inspire forward thinking by exploring methods for shippers, carriers and supply chain partners to adapt and grow their businesses in the next era of technology, policy and economic change.

Featured sessions will delve into the National Surface Transportation Policy and Revenue Study Commission’s recommendations for resolving and funding infrastructure issues, examine the pros and cons of various proposals, and provide attendees with ways to get involved in the 2009 Highway Reauthorization Bill through political action. In addition, a panel of technology experts will explore next-generation supply chain technologies and how they can radically improve processes, increase margins and facilitate better planning.

A special feature session on greening the supply chain will present innovative methods for organizations to reduce their carbon footprint while increasing efficiency and reducing costs. The presentation will take an in-depth look at emerging green technologies, methods that have been most successful for other organizations and ways to increase profitability through reducing consumption.

The political climate is heating up as the United States prepares to elect a new President. Shining a spotlight on the 2008 elections, SMC³ will host a remarkably accurate political forecaster, Larry Sabato, Ph.D., who will explore what-if scenarios for the different political contests, discuss the priorities of each candidate for the nation and its transportation infrastructure, and give his predictions of what is likely to happen in the pending election.

SMC³’s geopolitical update speakers will detail the most current economic trends, energy costs, political factors and legislative enactments that affect the transportation industry. Speakers include transportation attorney John R. Bagileo, principal, The Law Office of John R. Bagileo; Michael J. Economides, Ph.D., professor, Cullen College of Engineering, University of Houston; and economic forecaster Donald Ratajczak, Ph.D.

Individuals representing every area of the transportation industry, as well as service providers and customers, regularly attend SMC³ conferences. This well-proportioned industry representation offers an ideal setting for collaborating and networking with all members in the industry.

“SMC³ continues to be one of the best conference values in the country; combining thoughtful educational programs, great networking opportunities and fun,” said Ron Reighter, vice president of global trade solutions, Sun Trust Bank, Inc., of his 2007 Summer Conference experience.

“This conference ranks as one of the best I’ve attended. The information received was valuable and informative. I appreciate the focus on the global supply chain and economy,” said Damon Cooner, supply chain manager, Best Manufacturing Group.

To register for the SMC³ 2008 Summer Conference or for more information regarding SMC³ products, services and educational offerings, visit or call 800-845-8090.

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