Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What Brands Will Succeed and What Brands Will Fail

/PRNewswire/ -- Home buying, the iPod and Las Vegas are among those that will benefit in the current economic climate, according to a predictive model developed by Stealing Share, http://www.stealingshare.com/.

Those successes are among the 25 predictions based on the Comprehensive Model for Persuasive Human Communications that examined the changing preferences of consumers in the current economic climate.

"What companies must understand is that, no matter the situation, someone will win and someone will lose," said Tom Dougherty, CEO and President of Stealing Share. "Right now, most brands are not communicating in ways that resonate with consumers in today's current economic crisis. That's one reason why most are failing and market leaders are holding their positions. But opportunity is there."

According to the model, others who will succeed are: Hewlett-Packard, Wal-Mart, Toyota, Walgreens, Wii, Bank of America, Wendy's, The New York Times Sunday edition and Verizon.

Among those who will be hurt most by the economy: the iPhone, NASCAR, airlines, office superstores, the NBA, AT&T, diet foods, Starbucks, daily newspapers, GEICO, Pepsi and Apple laptops.

The model reached those conclusions by applying the eight fundamental motivators in human behavior to see how they change depending on current and developing situations, such as today's economic climate.

The model takes into account the emotional intensities of the primary motivators - Affirmation, Leadership, Comfort, Change, Community, Desires and Scope - within any changing situation, economic or otherwise, to predict and formulate messages and offerings that will resonate most strongly with target audiences.

For example, in a healthy economy, consumers tend to look for the "best" option, which is why companies that market a better product or experience (Starbucks, GM) tend to struggle in tough times when consumers are looking for the "right" option (Wal-Mart, Campbell's Soup) that suggests a more appropriate way.

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