Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Driver’s Alert Wins State of Georgia Contract

(BUSINESS WIRE)--Driver’s Alert™ (the “Company”), a pioneer in fleet safety and data risk reduction services, today announced that the Department of Administrative Services of the State of Georgia selected the Company to provide its “Report My Driving Solution” for the State’s 15,000 vehicles and 125,000 State employees.

Driver’s Alert’s Total Solution™ Program is an all-in-one, fully integrated system of vehicle observation and reporting, on-line driver safety training and driver risk assessment. The State, which is self-insured, implemented the program to help reduce the annual number of insurance claims and associated expense dollars.

Chris Risley, Director, Risk Management Services for the Department of Administrative Services, said: “We were concerned about the increasing number of vehicular accidents throughout our state agencies. An analysis of the accidents showed an alarming number of fender benders due to sloppy driving. Ultimately, these accidents are paid for by the taxpayers.”

Mr. Risley continued: “We selected Driver’s Alert to help us lower our costs by reducing our risks. They demonstrated the strengths of their program, which combine the identification of unsafe drivers with immediate and effective online corrective-driving safety training, as well as the ability to employ industry-leading metrics such as benchmarking and risk management assessments to measure the effectiveness of the program. After three months of working with Driver’s Alert and the implementation of other sweeping loss control measures, our vehicular accidents are down 21% from the comparable three month period in 2008 at a savings of approximately $130,000 in property damage claims to the State of Georgia taxpayers.”

Mr. Paul C. Milazzo, Co-Founder and Principal of Driver’s Alert, said: “We were pleased to be selected as the State of Georgia’s partner to help identify and correct unsafe driving behaviors. At the end of the day, your ability to truly reduce or eliminate at-fault crashes is what saves lives, property, time and money. We plan to work hard to continue to earn the State’s business and save the taxpayers of Georgia money.”

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