Friday, May 30, 2008

Cooper Controls Launches iLumin Control System for North American Marketplace

BUSINESS WIRE--Cooper Controls Ltd., a subsidiary of Cooper Industries, Ltd. (NYSE:CBE), announces the launch of iLumin, a new architectural control system for complete lighting management in North American markets. The iLumin product line will capitalize on increasing energy codes, green market trends, and increased awareness of the need to control and manage the lighting in architectural spaces such as Hotels, Casinos, Convention Centers, Auditoriums, and general commercial environments.

iLumin will complement our Greengate Energy Management Solutions, which debuted in North American markets in March 2008, said Ken Walma, General Manager, Cooper Controls North America. It includes a number of innovative features, including real-time energy metering and direct Ethernet connections which are ideal for performance architectural environments that currently lack these technology advancements.

Cooper Controls utilized extensive experience from UK-based Polaron (acquired April, 2007) and global R&D teams to design, develop, and manufacture the product within 12 months. The iLumin system is continued evidence of the successful integration of four targeted Cooper Controls acquisitions.

This launch represents a success story on multiple fronts: continued double digit growth of a global business, launching an innovative industry first product line, and the integration of global R&D teams on a common hardware/software platform, supply chain, company culture and value set, said Joe Stelzer, VP & Managing Director, Global Business, Cooper Controls Ltd.

The iLumin system is an iterative development of the iLight control system installed in several thousand projects in the UK, Europe, Middle East, and China. The system incorporates lighting source controller panels that replace standard lighting breaker or relay panels, which can switch or dim any lighting source with input from a control station or a touchscreen, timeclock, building management system, or PC.

iLumin source controllers have a number of attractive features, including the ability to control any lighting load type, (incandescent, fluorescent, high intensity discharge, LED), delivery of actual metered energy usage of those loads, and automatic data collection of that information via on-board Ethernet connectivity.

In the past, energy savings from lighting controls was limited to energy management products such as occupancy and daylight sensors. iLumin now allows high end customers who have been using standard theatre or dimmer based systems to continue to meet performance requirements, while also benefiting from the measuring and monitoring of energy usage as well.

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