Friday, May 23, 2008

Lightcast Networks Provides Low Cost Broadcasting For Atlanta Churches

BUSINESS WIRE--Lightcast Networks announces a new broadcasting service specially designed to connect Atlanta churches with homebound members and their caregivers.

People can now listen to local church services live from their own homes without the complexity and expense of radio, TV or Internet streaming. The church simply subscribes to Lightcasts telephone broadcasting services and specifies the number of displaced members they wish to connect. Members use a simple home receiver kit to tap into services.

Edward Baker, CEO of Lightcast Networks explains that simplicity and low cost are key. Any church service at any time can broadcast live using a new telecom setup. We have been doing this for churches across the USA for nearly five years; the good news for Atlanta is that we now have a new local dial-in which means significant price reductions over our already low costs compared to other technologies out there.

Home-bound church members often have to listen to 3-day old cassettes. A live connection allows them to connect with the service as its being delivered. We are also looking at offering MP3 downloads for those wanting easy access to church services, explained Mr. Baker. We have a little more testing to do on MP3s but were excited about the possibilities. Many larger churches already stream services using radio and TV. Were looking to cater to people who arent set up that way. According to Mr. Baker even most large churches do not broadcast Sunday school classes, and are interested in Lightcast Networks solutions to bridge that gap for their homebound members.

Lightcast Networks caters to churches of all denominations and has broadcast services ranging from small local church services to multi-day conventions. While church services are its primary focus, Lightcast Networks has garnered interest from the convention industry for conferences, symposiums, exhibitions, workshops, seminars and other events that people can access remotely.

Our special sauce is in the equipment, said Mr. Baker. It took extensive R&D testing and plenty of patient beta-testing churches to really get it right. Now they sign up and we receive very few calls for support. Im happy to say we are as lonely as the Maytag repair man. Lonely is great for us but not for our homebound church members. Our technology has to work flawlessly every time to bring church home for them.

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