Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Aiming High: Delta Air Lines Releases 2007 Path to Corporate Responsibility Report

Delta Air Lines (NYSE:DAL) 2007 Path to Corporate Responsibility Report, an overview of the airline's commitment to environmental protection, safety and social responsibility, is now available at delta.com. Delta continues to demonstrate this commitment through partnerships with employees, vendors, customers, civic and non-profit organizations that are designed to make a significant and lasting difference in the communities the airline serves worldwide. The report details the airline's ongoing programs and achievements in environmental conservation and stewardship, operational excellence in safety and compliance, and community stewardship.

"Delta aims high to achieve unsurpassed excellence in its commitment to safety and environmental health for the passengers, employees, vendors, investors, and communities we serve worldwide," said Michael Quiello, Delta's vice president of Corporate Safety, Compliance and Environmental Programs. "This Report recognizes milestones, including Delta's receipt of the prestigious National Safety Council's Green Cross for Safety Medal."

The report highlights accomplishments in 2007 including:

* Reducing the airline's fuel consumption by 40 million gallons in
2007 vs. 2006 through fuel conservation initiatives, with a
corresponding reduction in aircraft engine emissions;
* Partnering with The Conservation Fund to become the first U.S.
airline to offer customers a carbon offset program;
* Aggressively incorporating electric ground support equipment into
the airline's fleet;
* Expanding the airline's comprehensive onboard recycling program to
include 13 cities Delta serves within the U.S. Since its launch in
June 2007, the onboard recycling program has diverted more than 322
tons of materials from local landfills. The more than $80,000 in
proceeds from last year's program will be used to build an
EarthCraft-style home for community partner Habitat for Humanity
this Fall, the first Delta house ever to be funded entirely from
recycling proceeds;
* Continuing the airline's partnership with the Occupational Safety
and Health Administration (OSHA) to participate in Voluntary
Protection Programs (VPP) including 10 locations thus far;
* Demonstrating the airline's proven industry leadership through
Award-winning safety programs;
* Expanding and formalizing Delta's history of doing good and helping
others on a global scale with the creation of Delta's Force for
Global Good, the airline's program that unites Delta employees and
customers in philanthropic and social responsibility efforts
throughout the world. The program leverages Delta's global network
of employees who volunteer, as well as assets of The Delta
Foundation, the airline's charitable organization supporting
communities where Delta customers and employees live and work

The complete report is available at: http://images.delta.com.edgesuite.net/delta/pdfs/corporate_responsibility_report.pdf

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