Thursday, July 3, 2008

Cartoon Network New Media Maximizes Social Gaming with Mini Match

(BUSINESS WIRE)--Cartoon Network New Media today announces Mini Match, an action-packed virtual world that offers adventure on a whole new scale. Mini Match features a vibrant 3-D-rendered world where players can challenge their friends in multiplayer games, start impromptu “tag” battles, work together to solve social puzzles and enjoy a unique, unfolding mystery about the microscopic world in which Mini Match is set. After “mini-mizing” themselves into customizable avatars, players can navigate intricately designed environments based on adventure themes in Cartoon Network shows including lost cities, haunted jungles, underwater bases and more.

Mini Match is one of the few virtual world destinations to focus on multi-player match-ups in a social gaming environment, along with the inherent chat and exploration features. The two-player Mini Match games are easily accessible, intuitive to play and branded to popular Cartoon Network content. Kids earn reward points for playing games, and they can use these reward points for further avatar customization and in-game abilities.

“Mini Match opens up a whole new world of gaming to our online audience,” said Paul Condolora, senior vice president, digital for Turner Broadcasting System Inc.’s Animation, Young Adults and Kids Media Group. “The action-adventure theme complements some of our most popular shows and provides kids with a safe virtual destination for social gaming. Kids can come and enjoy the multiplayer games or insert themselves into the fabric of the Mini Match story by joining the ranks of ninjas, pirates, space pilots and other characters, customizing their ‘Minis’ with the gear those adventurous characters bring.”

At launch, Mini Match features four distinct game-play environments: Haunted Garden, Tower of Heroes, Underwater Lab and Alien Zoo. As they explore each setting, Mini Match players can interact with other “Mini-zens” by playing action-packed multiplayer games featuring characters from fan favorite shows such as Ben 10 and Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends. Players can chat with one another using a custom dictionary that allows only kid-appropriate words and phrases. By chatting, players can also work together to discover more about the overarching fantasy storyline of the Mini Match world and earn new avatar gear, some of which will help players navigate different parts of the Mini Match landscape.

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