Friday, June 6, 2008

360Works Launches FTPeek FileMaker FTP Plugin for OS X and Windows

BUSINESS WIRE--360Works, a leading FileMaker product developer, has launched FTPeek, a Universal Binary FileMaker plug-in that allows the upload, download, and manipulation of remote files on an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) server entirely within a developers FileMaker solution. It is now available for download from

360Works built its reputation by being responsive to its customers and the marketplace. Thats why we developed FTPeek to meet the demand we discovered for key updates to an essential plugin, said 360Works founder and president Jesse Barnum. FTPeek is the first FTP plugin built specifically for the new FileMaker plugin API and the server scheduling features and secure transfers have been a big hit with our early adopters.

FileMaker developers and FileMaker consultants can see a movie of FTPeek in action at

FTPeek is an absolute god-send and I have deployed it in many solutions already, said 360Works customer ican Ltd developer Robin Ledward. I think highly of 360Works plugins generally because they make my life so much easier.

No need to thank me for being an early FTPeek adopter, said Matt Klein at Small Business Computers of New England, Inc. The fact that it supports FTP, SFTP, and FTPS is key. We have replaced two plug-ins (one for FTP and one for SFTP) with a single plug-in and can now offer FTPS as an alternative to our customers.

I like the FTPeek plugin so far, it is easy and straight forward, said 360Works customer and early FTPeek adopter Ruben van den Boogaard of Infomatics Software. I am a big fan of 360Works SuperContainer, and use their Scriptmaster product, too.

Laud Musics Michael Lau downloaded his three-month beta test drive of FTPeek in March and calls it awesome.

FTPeek was developed for FileMaker developers and FileMaker consultants seeking updated functionality in FTP plugins. Its key features include:

Universal Binary cross-platform support

FTPeek runs at full native speed on Windows and Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) or 10.5 (Leopard) on PPC and Intel. FileMaker 7 or later is required. Installation and configuration is the same on Windows and Mac, and does not require purchasing separate Mac and Windows versions - the same license key works on all platforms.

Runs on FileMaker Server

Allowing the automation of nightly FTP batch transfers with the scheduled script triggering feature of FileMaker Server 9. No more 'robot' machines to maintain. It will also run in the Web Publishing Engine, allowing developers to embed FTP scripts straight into your FileMaker web solution with Instant Web Publishing (IWP) or Custom Web Publishing. These features require an Enterprise License.


Public key encryption is included with support for FTP over SSL (FTPS) and FTP over SSH (SFTP). Using encrypted FTP is as easy as switching one plugin function. In addition, you can access the public key of your FTP server to protect yourself from DNS spoofing attacks.

Transfer directly to/from FileMaker fields:

Developers that need to upload a Word document stored in their FileMaker solution, or upload HTML from a text field are no longer required to write it to a temporary directory - you can FTP directly from text and container fields to the FTP server. The same goes for downloads. This also works with documents and images stored with 360Works SuperContainer.

Includes a built-in FTP user interface:

If users are to have full FTP access to the server, there's no need to build those layouts or run an external application - a full-featured, 100% FileMaker FTP solution is included with the plugin.

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